Studierendenwerk Bonn

Blick auf den Eingang der CAMPO in der Totalen. Zu sehen sind der markante rote Eingangsbereich mit den großen Lettern CAMPO Campusmensa Poppelsdorf und ein wunderschöner Baum, der gegenüber des Eingangs wächst. Er ist saftig grün. Der Himmel ist azurblau.

Studierendenwerk Bonn

We take care of the interests of students outside their academic everyday life. They can eat with us, make use of affordable accommodation, apply for BAföG, look after their children and get advice.

We see ourselves as a partner of students and universities alike and want to create the right framework for a successful academic path. In this way, we ensure equal opportunities for all students.

As an institution under public law, Studierendenwerk Bonn is a non-profit, public enterprise.

1919-2019 | Ensuring the well-being of students since 100 years

Eine Collage aus zwei Schwarz-Weiß-Motiven: links im Bild ist die Mensa Nassestraße, wie sie in den 50er Jahrn ausgesehen hat. Rechts im Bild das erste Studentenhaus in der Lennéstraße, das im Krieg zerstört wurde.

The end of the First World War was marked by chaos and misery. The main building of the University of Bonn housed a war kitchen. In the summer of 1919, the first "Mensa academica" emerged from this. Self-help was the order of the day at the universities. Thus students founded the Studentenwohl e.V. association on September the 19th, 1919.

This led to the founding of Studierendenwerk Bonn - the oldest of its kind in Germany.

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Blog on the construction project in Carré Nassestraße

The Studierendenwerk Bonn has decided to rebuild the building complex between Kaiserstrasse, Nassestrasse and Lennéstrasse. In regard to the future appeal of the University of Bonn and the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and in view of our responsibility to uphold our services for students, lecturers and employees, it is essential to modernise the main building of the Studierendenwerk Bonn in South City.

In a blog created especially for this purpose, we will keep you updated on the development of the construction project - above all through visual language. You can find more detailed information on the project in the news archive the blog on the construction project in Carré Nassestraße

Duties & Services

The tasks of the Studierendenwerk Bonn result from the legal mandate according to § 2 (1) Studierendenwerksgesetz des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen of 16.09.2014:

"Every Studierendenwerk provides services for the students in the social and economic fields in particular:

  1. the establishment, provision and maintenance of economic and social facilities,
  2. the insurance of students against illness and accidents, unless otherwise regulated by law,
  3. health care measures for students,
  4. to promote the cultural interests of students by providing rooms and in accordance with their statutes,
  5. measures to support studies, in particular when they are used to implement the Federal Training Assistance Act.

Every Studierendenwerk takes into account the special needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, with responsibility for close relatives with care and support needs and with children. They strive to provide appropriate care for these children."

In concrete terms, this results in the following offers and services

  • Five canteens and ten cafés with over 6,000 meals a day
  • 33 residential complexes with 3,620 places
  • Over 31 million euros in BAföG funds assigned to around 5,000 students
  • Five daycare centres with 231 places
  • Psychological counselling
  • Advice for international students

Revenue & Financing

The financing of Studierendenwerk Bonn is essentially based on three pillars:

  • Revenues generated by the student union itself, i.e. sales revenues in canteens as well as rental income in dormitories,
  • students' social contributions and
  • State subsidies.

The state subsidies are divided into:

  • General state subsidies for the ongoing operation of the canteens
  • and subsidies for the operation of child daycare facilities, and
  • an expense reimbursement for the grant administration.

The students' social contribution was increased by 10 Euro to 97 Euro per semester in the summer semester 2017.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Hände, die mehrere Geldscheine halten.

Executive Board

The two bodies of the Studierendenwerk are the administrative board and the management.

The Executive Board manages the Studierendenwerk and conducts its business; it represents the Studierendenwerk in court and in legal matters.

The managing director is Jürgen Huber, a graduate in business administration.


Deputy Managing Director is Sarah Cziudaj, M.A.

Zu sehen sind der Geschäftsführer Jürgen Huber, der rechts im Bild steht. Er trägt Anzug mit Krawatte und eine Brille. Neben ihm links im Bild steht seine Stellvertreterin Sarah Cziudaj. Sie sind mit dem Oberkörper abgebildet und schauen freundlich in die Kamera.

Board of Directors & Management

Among other things, the Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • issuing and amending guidelines for the management of the Studierendenwerk and monitoring their observance,
  • the adoption of resolutions on the annual economic plan,
  • the receipt and discussion of the management's annual report and the adoption of the annual financial statements,
  • the resolution on the relief of the management,
  • the appointment of the auditor,
  • the decision on all other matters of the Studierendenwerk, insofar as these do not concern the services and management of the Studierendenwerk.

The Administrative Board consists of nine members: four students, one member of the rectorate or the Presidium, either of the University of Bonn or the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhine-Sieg, another member of a university in the area of responsibility, two employees of the Studierendenwerk as well as one person with relevant specialist knowledge or professional experience in the economic, legal or social field.

The members of the Administrative Board are elected every two years and are composed at follows:

Students according to § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 StWG NRW

  • Michelle Josten, University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, full member
  • Sarah Mohamed, University of Bonn, full member
  • Sander Hartkamp, University of Bonn, full member
  • Alois Saß, University of Bonn, Chairman

Other members of the universities according to § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 StWG NRW

  • Dr. Gereon Broil, research associate at the University of Bonn, full member

Employees of the Studierendenwerk according to § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 StWG NRW

  • Sabine Hellmann, full member
  • Michael Ludwig, full member

Qualified person according to § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 StWG NRW

  • Nora Haberkorn, full member, Vice Chairman

Member of the rectorate or the presidium of a university according to § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 StWG NRW

  • Prof. Dr. Marco Winzker, University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Further Education

Co-opted member according to Statute § 5 Abs. 1 point 6.

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann, University of Bonn, Vice Rector for Studies, Teaching and University Development


Contact the Administrative Board

You can contact the Administrative Board by e-mail to verwaltungsrat(at) Please note that the e-mail will be forwarded to the chairman of the administrative council by the Executive Board of the Studierendenwerk Bonn.

Organisational structure

The organisation chart gives an overview of the structure of Studierendenwerk Bonn.