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Fünf Studierende sitzen auf den Stufen zum Eingang des Wohnheimes Kaiserstraße 47. Es ist sonnig und warm.

+ + + Due to the pandemic, we do not offer in-person office hours until further notice. Please contact us by phone or email. Thank you.

Are you entering Germany?

Please get the information on what to concider before entering Germany (e.g. proof of vaccination or testing etc.). Due to the volatile situation, regulations change frequently. These pages carry the necessary and reliable information:

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the federal institute for infectious diseases and, among other things, provides information on which regulations apply to specific countries: Robert Koch Institute


Depending on whether you are entering from a risk area, you will need to complete the digital entry form:

More information on entry:

What applies in Bonn and NRW? All rules at a glance

  • You have a positive test result and would like to know what to do next?
  • You would like to find out about the quarantine regulations?
  • You are looking for an overview of the applicable rules or a vaccination option?

This information can all be found updated on the page of the City of Bonn

Corona - How do I behave in my shared flat?

For people with Covid19

If you have Corona and share other rooms such as the kitchen and sanitary facilities with other residents, please adhere strictly to the following hygiene rules. Use the common rooms for as short a time as you can and then retire back to your room. When you leave your room, please always close the door behind you. 
Wear a mask at all times during your stay in the common rooms and in the corridor. Ventilate the common rooms sufficiently after you have used them, so that your flatmates find the rooms in a ventilated condition. Avoid being in the same room with others at the same time.

In addition, be sure to follow the applicable isolation and quarantine rules in Bonn and NRW. 

Please also be sure to observe these 

Recommendation of the RKI regarding the delf-isolation at home with confirmed COVID-19


For roommates of people who have Covid-19

Test yourself regularly to check whether you have been infected. Only use common rooms with a mask. If you have to remove the mask, e.g. in the bathroom, we recommend that you first ventilate the room sufficiently before removing the mask. Follow the applicable isolation and quarantine rules in Bonn or NRW.

Corona Warning App

The app is recommended by the federal government and is intended to help break chains of infection more quickly. You can download the app here.

Dorm Basic Set

Do you need basic equipment (bed linen, pot, pan, towels, LAN cable etc.) in the first few days?

If you haven’t ordered the Dorm Basic Set, you can order it now:

Find out more about the Dorm Basic Set.

Student self-administration

There is at least one student in each residence hall who can provide you with support. You can get these contacts from the responsible building manager.


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Doctors who speak English

Dr. med. Christopher Belgardt                                                                

Endenicher Allee 52                                                                                     

53115 Bonn                                                                                                     

Tel.: (0228) 656581                                                                                      


Dr. med. Claudia Böhnke

Bonner Talweg 69

53113 Bonn

Tel.: (0228) 220427


Dr. med. Nahid Aghdai-Heuser                                                               

Wachsbleiche 1                                                                                              

53111 Bonn                                                                                                     

Tel.: (0228) 242910                                                                                      


Dr. med. Petra Reich

Endenicher Allee 96

53121 Bonn

Tel.: (0228) 628800

Are there any further questions?

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Contact for students of the H-BRS (University of Applied Sciences)

International Welcome Centre

Phone +49 2241 865 671

Mo-Wed 10 am - 1 pm
Thu 10 am - noon & 2 pm - 4 pm


International Office Rheinbach

Phone +49 2241 865 707

Mo-Wed 10 am - 1 pm
Thu 10 am - noon & 2 pm - 4 pm


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