Counselling & Social Affairs

Psychological counselling centre

During their studies, many students are confronted with problems and conflicting situations they can not cope with on their own. There can be various reasons for this, such as study-related topics, social conflicts or psychological stress.

Are you or a fellow student affected? Then please visit our psychological counselling. Here you will be professionally looked after by a team of psychologists with extensive experience in counselling, clinical psychology and with a psychotherapeutic background.


Eine menschliche Gestalt geht auf einem von grüner Wiese umsäumtem Weg, der in mehrere Abzweigungen mündet. Zwei Häuser werfen lange Schatten, die aufgrund ihrer spitzen Dächer wie Pfeile aussehen und der Gestalt den Weg weisen.

Writing consultation

Fünf Bleistifte liegen nebeneinander, nach ihrer Länge von lang bis kurz sortiert. Über den kurzen Bleistiften liegen Spanabfall und Minenstaub. Beim kürzesten am meisten.

Many of us have experienced this situation – you have to write a thesis and simply do not know where and how to start. Our individual and personal writing advice for students can help you! This service is aimed at all students with questions about scientific writing.

The guiding principle of our writing consultation at Studierendenwerk Bonn is recognising that academic and scientific writing and thinking can be learned. It is a process in which we would like to support you.


Studying with impairments

We want to support prospective students and students with a chronic illness or disability in finding a way to organize their daily study life successfully.

Our consultation includes clarification of the social and economic situation, and appropriate financing strategies, information on finding accommodation and all questions you may have on this subject.