Relaxation offer

Relaxation can be learned

Would you like to relax actively and consciously in your everyday life?
Do you want to discover new possibilities and relaxation techniques?
Do you wish to bring more self-care into your daily routine?

Then this offer is just right for you. As there are currently no on-site relaxation workshops available, we invite you to browse this site and try out our digital offer.

Relaxation and self-care at home

The guided relaxation exercises are suitable for everyone!  No matter whether you are a beginner and trying out a relaxation method for the first time or already have some experience. Our offer is constantly expanding. It is worthwhile to visit the website from time to time.


Audio breathing meditation - breathing exercises for relaxation

10-minute relaxation exercise in a sitting or lying position (only in German).

Breathing meditation, breath observation

Guided by M. Sc. Psych. Isa Matthes

Nearly 15-minute relaxation exercise to reduce stress

breathing technique, meditation

Guided by M. Sc. Psych. Isa Matthes

Self-care and mindfulness in everyday life

Weekly overview - a plan to structure your week and practice self-care

When studying in your home office, it is more important than ever to assign a framework to your day and week. This is helpful to structure your daily work and provide enough time for breaks and relaxation.

Are you familiar with these or similar thoughts?

  • I would like to enjoy my free time more
  • I'm having a hard time allowing myself to relax
  • All the time I feel like I have to be busy
  • I feel restless and tense
  • I cannot pick myself up
  • Even at the end of the day, I keep thinking about all the things I have to do
  • I don't know how I'm supposed to separate school from my free time at home

Many students are currently facing these or similar topics while mastering their studies at home from their home office.

Thus, a clear daily structure can be even more important. Not only because it serves self-organisation and helps you to work more efficiently, but also because it enables you to separate work from leisure time and to consciously enjoy leisure time, weekends, breaks - and to let real relaxation take place.

Deadlines that are recorded in writing create a greater sense of inner commitment. This also applies to free time and relaxation.

In terms of self-care, it is recommended that you make a conscious effort to spend your free time and breaks. Like a "date with yourself". This leads to you being more balanced and satisfied. And if you keep recharging your battery, you can also be powerful.

When filling out your weekly schedule, pay particular attention to regular breaks and consciously enter time off and leisure activities: cooking, reading, watching a film or practicing a relaxation exercise... Whatever is good for you: do it consciously and allow yourself the time only for yourself.

Download schedule


Mindful 5 minutes - a diary to fill out for each day

This diary is an invitation to explore your inner feelings. In your home office, every day might seem the same and some days seem to pass us by. The mindful 5 minutes are an invitation to take time and review the day.

Download The mindful 5 minutes


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