Newmanhaus, Adenauerallee 63, 53113 Bonn

Fünf Studierende sitzen auf den Stufen zum Eingang des Wohnheimes Kaiserstraße 47. Es ist sonnig und warm.

+ + + Due to the pandemic, we do not offer in-person office hours until further notice. Please contact us by phone or email. Thank you.

The Newmanhaus is located at the centre of Bonn and directly opposite the Juridicun. Therefore, it is very popular with law students.

It features 24 single rooms and 69 semi-apartments.

Connections for cable TV and internet exist.

There are no parking spaces for cars, but enough parking spaces for bicycles.

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Single room: Own room. The sanitary area and kitchen are shared with other students.

Semi-apartment: Own room with private bathroom. The kitchen is shared with other students.

Double room: Own room. The bathroom is shared with only one student. The kitchen is shared with several students.


Number of rooms Residential type Size Rent/Month
24 Single room 9 m2 - 22 m2 306,00 € - 500,00 €
69 Half apartments 16 m2 - 24 m2 307,00 € - 422,00 €
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