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+++ News +++ We are gradually returning to on-site writing advice. From now on we offer face-to-face counseling sessions every Monday in the writing counseling office at Adenauerallee 63. On Wednesdays there is still the possibility of using the telephone writing counseling service.
Would you like to make an appointment for counselling? Then write us an email at schreibberatung_at_studierendenwerk-bonn.de. Please contact us early and plan for possible waiting times when making an appointment.

Writing advice - because you can learn to write

Would you like to write your thesis efficiently and with pleasure? Do you want to professionalise your work strategies? Do you have any questions or just do not know what to do?

Our professional writing advice concentrates on your individual writing process and the structure of your text. In a personal consultation, you have the opportunity to ask your questions in peace and to get a text feedback that is independent of evaluation.

The goal of the consultation is to reduce eventual shortcomings and build up your resources. Targeted writing techniques and methods help you create a writing program that is specially tailored to your questions.

The consultation is free of charge and is aimed at students of all faculties.

Ein Bleistift mutet an zu fliegen, da er auf einem Blatt Papier liegt, auf dem mit Bleistift Flügel aufgezeichnet sind.

Possible goals for a writing consultation

Recurring questions that are asked during the writing consultation concern e.g:

  • Topic finding and limitation,
  • Overcoming writer's block,
  • Scientific formulation,
  • Time management,
  • Efficient writing strategies,
  • Use of resources.

We will be talking about the following:

  • explaining the writing process and determining the writing phases,
  • developing strengths of the writer and reducing weaknesses,
  • determining the type of writing and offering suitable methods,
  • teaching writing strategies and writing techniques,
  • identifying the cause of writing problems,
  • giving text feedback.

The Writing Advisor

Katja Reinicke, M. A.

Our writing consultant Katja Reinicke is an author of an utb (german publishing house) guidebook for homework and final theses and assistant professor for academic writing. There's definitely no "writing problem" she hasn't encountered yet.

She studied Slavic studies and Art History at the University of Bonn and Biographical and Creative Writing at the Alice Salomon University in Berlin and works at various universities as well as educational institutions in Bonn, Koblenz and Düsseldorf.

Ms. Reinicke will help you solve your writing block and access your writing resources. She will give you tips, tricks and know-how for your home assignments and final papers.

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How to get a personal consultation

Write an e-mail to schreibberatung(at)studierendenwerk-bonn(dot)de and tell us briefly about your concerns. You are welcome to make an appointment suggestion.

  • Possible appointment windows are Monday and Wednesday between 9 am and 1 pm. If required, an alternative date can also be found.
  • The consultation takes place either face-to-face in our writing counseling office or by telephone in a personal conversation and lasts approx. 60 - 90 minutes.
  • If necessary, you can arrange a follow-up appointment.
  • The writing consultation takes place in Lennéstraße 24 (2nd floor), 53113 Bonn.
Katja Reinicke

Writing Advisor, M.A.

Adenauerallee 63
53113 Bonn

+49 228 73 84842
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