Kirschallee 5, 7 und 9, 53115 Bonn

Fünf Studierende sitzen auf den Stufen zum Eingang des Wohnheimes Kaiserstraße 47. Es ist sonnig und warm.

The Kirschallee 5, 7 and 9 buildings are located in Poppelsdorf near the natural science institutes. From the station, it's just nine minutes to and from the main station and the main university building.

These are three Art Nouveau houses, which were equipped for students in the year 1982. The 43 residential units are divided into 37 single rooms in residential groups and six double apartments. The residents have kitchens/kitchen units as well as sanitary facilities at their disposal.

The accommodation units are furnished to the highest standards; connections for cable TV and internet are available.

Parking spaces for cars are available in the neighbouring underground car park Jagdweg 22. Furthermore, there are sufficient parking spaces for bicycles in the basement of the buildings.

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Single room: Own room. The sanitary area and kitchen are shared with other students.

Double apartment: Own room. The bathroom and kitchen are shared only with one and one student respectively.


Number of rooms Residential type Size Rent/Month
35 Single room 8 m2 - 22 m2 214,00 € - 455,00 €
6 2-person apartments 30 m2 - 32 m2 499,00 € - 530,00 €

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Dominik Jonas
Dominik Jonas


Kirschallee 5, 7 und 9
53115 Bonn

+49 228 73 63 92
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