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Our Dormitories

The Studierendenwerk Bonn operates a total of 29 residential units with around 3,774 places at the locations Bonn, Sankt Augustin and Rheinbach (as of December 2020). German and foreign students enrolled at the University of Bonn or the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg as regular students or doctoral students are eligible for accommodation.

Our offer includes single rooms in shared flats, apartments, double apartments and two- to four-room apartments for studying parents and single parents. The rents include all incidental costs such as electricity and heating as well as broadband Internet access - with the exception of family flats, which receive a statement of operating costs and have to register electricity with an electricity supplier. 

Complete overview

Applying as a student

Would you like to live in one of our dormitories? Then make use of our online application. Applying for a dormitory place is non-binding and can be sent without a matriculation certificate or admission notice.

Applications are processed after receipt and available rooms. This is exclusively done via the online application procedure. Please note that an application does not constitute a legal claim to the conclusion of a rental agreement.

If no room or apartment is currently available, you will be asked via e-mail whether you wish to be on the waiting list. If yes, you must follow the link in that mail for activation. After this step, you will be added to the waiting list.

Tip: Experience has shown that the chances of getting a place before the start of the semester are better. If this option is suitable for you, for example to get to know your new university town, you can apply for the move-in date 1st of August. It is generally possible to apply for a place in a dormitory without being admitted by the university yet. 

Studierendenwerk Bonn is committed to treating your data confidentially. All technical and organisational measures are taken in accordance with § 10 DSG to ensure data protection. Employees are obliged to comply with data protection secrecy according to § 6 DSG NRW and § 5 BDSG.

The information according to articles 13 and 14 DS-GVO regarding the use of your data can be found under Information in articles 13 and 14 DS-GVO.

Apply online

Apply as an intern

Are you studying and completing an internship at a company in Bonn? Or are you expecting interns from abroad in your company? The Studierendenwerk Bonn offers foreign students a furnished room in a residential complex for the duration of their internship. The prerequisite is that the company in which the internship is being completed is located in Bonn.

Leases are agreed upon for full months. The start of the rental period is the first working day of the month and the end of the rental period is the last day of the week.

How to apply:

Please send your application including a certificate of enrollment from the university or technical college, as well as a copy of the internship company by e-mail to Please do not forget to include the details of your desired period of residence and your exact postal address. There will be no acknowledgement of receipt. If it is not possible to offer you a dorm, your application will automatically be considered for the following month.

Do you have any questions? Visit our office or give us a call.


Here you will find the most important forms to download as well as information on rental price calculation. Please send us the forms printed out with an original signature. Thank you very much.


Infografik für das Dorm Basic Set. Auf rotem Hintergrund sind in Weiß Symbole gesetzt, die die Inhalte skizzieren. Daneben steht auf Deutsch und Englisch die Bezeichnung der Inhalte.

Dorm Basic Set

The Dorm Basic Set is a special offer for students from abroad who are only able to travel with limited luggage to their new home in Germany. The basic equipment "Dorm Basic Set" provides you with basic utensils you will need every day, such as bedding and essential kitchen equipment. Thus, you can concentrate on your studies without stress and settle into your new four walls.


Life in the dormitory

Living in the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk means being part of a community – no matter if you are in a single room, an apartment or a flat. The student self-administration ensures that joint activities are undertaken and that residents can get involved in them. Common rooms are available for this purpose. Additionally, there are washing machines and dryers, the use of which is included in the rent. 

Tip: Experience has shown that free accommodation units are already available before the beginning of winter term. If this option is suitable for you, for example to get to know your new university town, you can apply for the for the move-in date 1st of August. It is generally possible to apply for a place in a dormitory without being admitted by the university yet. 

Tip: Another highlight is the high-speed Internet connection (100 Mbit/s), which is available in all residential complexes. The costs for this as well as all other additional costs (e.g. cable TV) are already included in the rent. The prerequisite is that residents are cost-conscious and environmentally friendly regarding energy, water and waste. Rent depends on the type of housing, room size, furnishing and location.


International Guesthouse

The International Guesthouse in the city district of Endenich is a modern, inviting building. Scientists from all over the world meet there and may soon call it their "home away from home". The guesthouse consists of 64 newly renovated apartments and is run by the Studierendenwerk Bonn. It is exclusively available to the University of Bonn. For this reason, reservations can only be made via the Welcome Center for International Researchers at the University of Bonn.

...more about the International Guesthouse


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Corona information for Incomings and Residents

Are you coming to Bonn soon to study here and live in one of our dormitores or you are already a resident?

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